If you want to know “how long can it take a Tiktok video to go viral,” you should be familiar with the algorithms of this application. In this article from the FlyDownloader blog, we will explain “how long can it take a Tiktok video to go viral” and will also read tips for success in making a video viral on TikTok.

Before we start, what does a viral video even mean?

The social network TikTok has become quite popular over the past years due to the funny or unique videos that its users publish. To the extent that millions of people use it today. When many users notice a video, the number of views increases, so millions of people see and like it.

But a video doesn’t have to have millions of views to go viral. Depending on the community for whom that video is valuable and interesting, the term can refer to any video that is targeted. In other words, going viral means being seen by your target audience and liked by them.

How long can it take a Tiktok video to go viral?

Well, there is no exact answer to this question. Sometimes, just a few minutes after you publish a video on TikTok, you may find that it has received incredible feedback. Sometimes, your video may go viral after weeks of the video release due to an incident with a similar topic or promotion by users. But usually, the videos that go viral are identified in the first 24 hours.

TikTok algorithms are one of the most complex among common social networks. That’s why you may need to do more than record a video and put music on it to make your video go viral. If you want to try your hand at making your video go viral on TikTok, we suggest you follow the tips below.

Tips to go viral on TikTok

In this section, we are not going to tell you a golden formula that, by following, your video will go viral one hundred percent. Instead, according to the TikTok algorithms, we point out some tips that can increase your chances of seeing your video.

Choose your hashtags with research

When you post a video on social media, one way for other users to find your video is to use hashtags. But, apart from users, TikTok itself also finds out from these hashtags what the topic of your post is, it can put it in the right category, and in this way, you can go viral in the specific topic of the video you published.

Post regularly

TikTok’s algorithms significantly favor users who post more (at least one video per day). Because, after all, TikTok makes money from the number of its users and how much they use its application. So, if you want to have a better chance of your video going viral on TikTok, we suggest you post regularly.

When it comes to a video going viral, the discussion of trends comes to the fore. If you follow the latest trends on TikTok, you can make a video with the same trending topic and ride the wave of visibility.

Make the most of TikTok’s new features

If you are a more advanced user, you can declare your readiness to try the beta version of this application. By doing this, you can use new features that have not yet been made public for your video post and be noticed by users.

Make viral videos your model

One of the other methods is to pay attention to the path that other users have taken. For example, check out what music they put on their video. Have they used a special effect to make it? How can you use parts of their videos in your video?

Well, all you need to do is to be able to download the video you want from TikTok so that you can see it in detail or use it to make your own video. But how to download videos from TikTok? Next, we will explain one of the easiest ways to download videos from TikTok.

Download videos from TikTok with FlyDownloader

To use this web app, just copy the URL link of your desired video from TikTok. Then paste it into the search bar of this page from the FlyDownloader website. By pressing the download button, you can easily save the selected video with the highest quality on your phone or computer.


According to the tips we reviewed in this article, the answer to the question of “How long can it take a Tiktok video to go viral” is entirely relative. It depends on whether your video topic is trending or not; have you done hashtagging correctly? Does your video have the potential to become a trend? But in general, it can be said that the videos that have gone viral have received a high number of views within a day of the release.