If you are new to Likee, this is probably your question: How do I make my videos on Likee private? Well, the short answer to this question is that you cannot post private videos or your account on Likee. Why? We will explain this in this article. However, there are some privacy options in this app that may be useful to you. So don’t miss the following article.

How do I make my videos on Likee private? No way!

Strangely, this emerging social media seems to have no option for privatizing videos. Even though its competitors like TikTok or Instagram are much more professional in this field. In this regard, you cannot make your account private in Likee. In fact, any video you publish on this social media can be seen by all users.

How do I make my videos on Likee private

So, first, be careful and don’t publish your personal videos in this application. Because until today, there are very limited options for privacy in Likee. Second, you can use another feature that doesn’t allow users to share videos. Of course, these types of settings always have a shortcut that users find to share your videos. So take the first advice seriously.

For example, a user may be able to save your video on their device using LIkee’s download web apps. How? so simple.

Just use a tool called Flydownloader and follow the steps below:

1. Copy the link of your desired video from Likee.

2. Log in to Flydownloader.com and go to the Likee page.

3. Paste the copied link in the box you see and click the download button.

You can easily download any video you see on this platform. Although setting privacy settings may help prevent this.

How to enable privacy settings in Likee?

As we said, we apologize for not answering the question, “How do I make my videos on Likee private?” because this option does not exist in this application. But we can teach you how to disable the ability to share videos with others or prevent users from commenting on your posts.

For this, you need to go to your profile picture. Select the Settings option and visit the Privacy section. Here you can turn off or on any of the available options. If one day this application will allow its users to manage private or public accounts, its settings will probably be on this page.

Also, to ensure your child’s activity in Likee, you can activate the parental mode in this application. For this, go to the settings menu and specify whether you want this feature to be active or disabled through the Parental Control option.