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Download all Snapchat stories, videos, and spotlights in different qualities and formats using FlyDownloader Online Snapchat Video Downloader.

How To Download Snapchat Videos and stories Online?

How to download Snapchat videos using the FlyDownloader free Snapchat downloader?

1] Copy The Snapchat Video URL 

Open the Snapchat video or story and click on the URL button.

2] Paste the URL in FlyDownloader

Open the FlyDownloader Snapchat Video & Spotlight downloader, paste the URL in the search box, and click the Download button.

3] Download & Save The Video File

In this step, to download the Snapchat video, click on the video download link that is displayed for you.

FlyDownloader Online Snapchat Video & Spotlight Downloader

FlyDownloader is the best downloader of Snapchat videos and stories for the following reasons:

Easy To Use
Easy To Use

FlyDownloader helps you download your desired Snapchat video and story in just two clicks!

All Platform Supported
No App Install Needed

To download videos and stories from Snapchat, just go to, and there is no need to install any application.

Highest Quality Videos
All Platform Supported

It does not matter if your operating system is Android or iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux. All you need to download the video from Snapchat is a web browser and a video link!

Easy To Use
Highest Quality Videos

FlyDownloader allows you to download videos of the highest quality.

All Platform Supported
No Account Needed

You do not need an account to download Snapchat videos. Likewise, there is no need to create an account on Snapchat or the FlyDownloader.

Highest Quality Videos
Full Free

Absolutely and completely for free! Yes, FlyDownloader Snapchat downloader is 100% free, and you do not need a bank card, PayPal account, etc. Use infinitely and have fun!

Supports The Most Popular Sources

You can check regularly updated supported sources list.