One of the questions that users usually ask us is “In which social media can I post long videos?” To answer this question, in this article, we have reviewed several social media and the limitations each of them has for uploading videos. So, to get the answer to the question, “In which social media can I post long videos” Stay with FlyDownloader.

Why is video size important for social media providers?

Video is one of the types of image content that occupies a large volume in terms of space required for storage, both in the device’s memory and the servers. For this reason, there have always been restrictions on uploading videos on social media posts. However, this limit is less for images because most social media apps optimize your images. Meaning that they reduce the image size when published. But the story is different about videos. On most platforms, at the very beginning of the process of posting a video, you will encounter an error or a warning that informs you that the video file you selected has a large volume.

In general, the longer or higher the quality of the video, the higher the volume. So what happens to such videos? In which social media can I post long videos? It’s not like you can’t find any social media that allows you to upload long or high-volume videos. In the following, we introduce some examples of social media where you can post long videos.

In which social media can I post long videos?

The ideal video duration varies in each social media we introduce below. It depends on the platform’s primary purpose or users’ needs. Over time, some of these social media sites have increased the dedicated space for saving users’ files, and that’s why you can now post large-sized media on them.


What’s clear is that Twitter wasn’t meant to be a video-sharing platform in the first place. Instead, it was text-based social media. So it is natural to expect a limitation in uploading long videos. Currently, you can only post thirty-second videos on this platform. So Twitter is not a good option for sending long videos!


Instead, YouTube can be one of the best options for posting videos with a long duration. In fact, the main use of YouTube is to share videos. So, unlike Twitter, it provides you with many options for this. But on the other hand, more than 400 hours of video are uploaded on this social media every minute! So this company also has to consider a limit for users.

Currently, for users who are not verified, the length of the submitted video can be a maximum of 15 minutes. But if your YouTube account is approved, you can post up to 12 hours of video on this popular platform, which equals something like 128 GB!


Another popular social media, although its popularity has decreased a little in recent years, is Facebook. You can generally publish videos of up to 20 minutes on Facebook. Still, research has shown that the average length of videos posted on Facebook is only 44 seconds, which shows that users of this platform do not do well with long videos.


In 2017, users were quite excited when TikTok announced that its users could post up to 60 seconds of video on the social media platform. But now, it is hard for everyone to imagine that a video is only one minute long. In this regard, last year, TikTok increased the video length limit to 3 minutes. Which, of course, still seems low.

Other social media such as Pinterest or Likee have a similar situation as their competitors. So, according to the numbers in this article, the best platform for publishing long videos is YouTube. But among the famous social media, Facebook is probably the best option.


It is true that Telegram cannot be considered a social media and is more in the category of messengers. But since you may want to send a video file from one of the above social networks to your friend on Telegram And you cannot do this in any other way, here we point out the limitations of Telegram for sending videos and explain how to do this.

The most exciting thing about Telegram is that you can send documents up to one and a half gigabytes through this messenger, which is fantastic! But what if the video you are looking for has been sent to you on one of the social media such as Pinterest, TikTok, or Likee? How can we send such a video to someone on Telegram? First of all, you need to download that video on your device.

You can use the Flydownloader web app to download videos from any social media. The procedure is straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

1. Copy the desired video link from social media.

2. Go to and paste the copied URL into the search box.

3. Now, click the download button and wait for the video file to be saved on the device.

In which social media can I post long videos

You can easily download any video you want from different platforms and send it to others. If you have a different answer to the question In Which Social Media Can I Post Long Videos, we will be happy if you write to us in the comments section.